Steve Cook


Meeting the challenge of climate change after Brexit

About Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager with over 20 years’ experience of environmental assessment and flood risk management.

He is Associate Director for Water at AECOM, providing strategic direction and technical expertise for their flood, coastal and water management work across the UK. Prior to that he was Manager for flood and coastal strategy at Natural Resources Wales and the Environment Agency, developing approaches for community and infrastructure resilience, climate change and natural resource management.

An advisor to both UK and Welsh Governments, Steve has been involved in policy development and delivery for spatial planning and climate change in flood risk areas, the Flood and Water Management Act, the post-2007 surface water flood risk management agenda and oversaw the team leading Wales’ 2014 Coastal Flood Review for Welsh Ministers.

Brexit will mean significant changes to environmental legislation and policy. This seminar will explore the future of climate change policy after Brexit and how this might impact on the UK’s flood policies and practices.

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